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This Platform can be used by ADA’s employees, contracting partners or the interested public if there is the reasonable suspicion of a serious violation, i.e. of a criminal offence of which ADA is a victim or of a violation of contractual obligations, which potentially causes financial damage to ADA.

The ombudsperson independently assesses the evidence regarding plausibility and substantiality. If the hint fulfills these criteria it will be forwarded to ADA. If said criteria are not fulfilled, the hint will be dismissed. Upon your request, the ombudsperson was authorized by ADA to keep your anonymity vis-a-vis ADA.

There is also the possibility to submit hints completely anonymously (i.e. without providing a name or contact details). However, we encourage you to disclose your identity as anonymous hints (without providing any contact details for possible further inquiries) empirically often do not provide for a proper
basis for the investigation and detection of the facts of a case. Such hints will have to be dismissed without forwarding them to ADA.

Please note that the submission of hints and the subsequent communication with the ombudsperson do not establish a client-lawyer relationship or a any other kind of contract between you and the ombudsperson.

ADA’s management has committed themselves to ensure that employees, who have submissed a hint in good faith, will not be put at a disadvantage or discriminated against.

However, the abusive or improper use of this Platform will not be tolerated. In the case that a hint constitutes a intentional defamation or discredit, the ombudsperson will inform ADA and, if necessary, the competent law enforcement authorities.


(Note: Please note that anonymous hints will be put under rigorous examination. This is necessary in order to prevent the abusive or improper use of this Platform.)

(Note: Your contact details will be kept confidential if you request the ombudsperson to do so. In order to allow further inquiries by the ombudsperson it is strongly recommended to provide your contact details.)

Mandatory Please make sure that you provide all the relevant facts of the case (i.e. tell the whole story) with your first submission. This is especially imporant if the hint is submitted completely anonymously (i.e. if there are no contact details).

- Facts of the case (Note: What facts constitute the serious violation in your opinion? Are there specific contracts that have been violated? What could be the potential amount of damages incurred by ADA?)
- Time period
- Parties/persons involved

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I confirm that I have submitted this hint to the best of my knowledge and judgement.
I take note of the fact that the submission of hints and the subsequent communication with the ombudsperson do not establish a client-lawyer